Wednesday 27th July – Show starts promptly at 8pm

This is a one hour preview of Omid’s much anticipated Edinburgh show and this close to August, it should be amazing!!!!

‘After experimental Zoom gigs where he got muted by 639 people and a drive-in gig where Omid witnessed an audience member get out his car, attach a hose pipe to his exhaust and feed it through the window; multi award-winning comedian and actor Omid Djalili is now where he belongs, on a stage and bringing back The Good Times. ‘Hysterically funny, and at the same time, so poignant and powerful that calling it stand-up barely does it justice’ (Huffington Post). Iranian Djalili is probably one of the most subversive, let alone funniest, comedians around.’

Online booking now open. Tickets will not be posted as your name will be added to the door.

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