Friday 17th MaY – 8.30pm (doors 8pm)

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

If you’re of an age where you can remember the limitations of just 3 TV Channels, then you’ll know exactly who BOBBY DAVRO is. If not, get ready for an eye opener.

People wonder what he’s like these days and I’m sure anyone who saw him at the Bunker last year will simply say; ‘what an entertainer, you can see why he was at he top of his game’. The night promises gags, music, stupid dancing and audience participation.

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Hailing from ‘The Rebel County’ (That’s Cork for anyone outside Ireland), CHRIS KENT gave up the day job as an electrician to pursue his calling in comedy. He emerged onto the Irish comedy scene in 2009 after winning the Bulmers Nuttin’ But Funny competition. I saw Chris at Club recently and knew he was right for a visit to the Bunker.

OMID SINGH was born to an Iranian mother and Indian father and is one of the top multicultural comics working today. Not that he considers himself a public symbol or boundary-breaker. As he puts it onstage, “I don’t do anything scary when I go to the airport…but I do like to see how far I can walk away from my luggage.”
Your MC for the night is WINDSOR. If you’ve seen him, you’ll have probably booked your tickets on his attendance already. What that man does with a ping pong ball is incredible.

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